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Benefits of this product

Rejuvenates your skin

Promotes Weight Loss

Fights Free Radicals

Superfood Antioxidant Powerhouse

USDA & JAS Organic Certified

100% Happiness Guarantee

Why Miaroo Matcha?

What if we told you that you could have your morning caffeine while boosting your healthy skin, hair, bones & Joints. Miaroo Matcha is one of the few high-end matcha brands that offer a unique collagen blend not available in any retail stores. The premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha is bundled with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Our environment-friendly brand is also "greener" by maintaining a minimum waste packaging policy.

ATTN: Our natural collagen is marine-based and is pescatarian friendly, but not vegetarian or vegan friendly. 

Matcha VS Coffee

Matcha is a superfood, and it's known for its high concentration of antioxidants. It contains about 137 times MORE antioxidants than green tea powder. High-quality matcha is also naturally rich in L-Theanine, which may increase alpha waves in your brain. These waves are linked to mental relaxation and may help fight stress signals. In addition, the matcha provides an extended release of caffeine that gives you sustained, uplifting energy without the jitters or the crash that coffee normally gives you.

All-Day Focus

Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee but still packs a slow-releasing energy buzz.

Hello Hydration

A little Matcha goes a long way at 99.5% water. Pure Miaroo Matcha boosts your water levels while supplying your matcha fix. in a way that coffee just can't.

Goodbye Coffee Breath

Unlike coffee, Matcha won't leave your teeth stained and your breath less than fresh. Your dentist will thank you later.

Mix and Matcha

Like coffee, though, Matcha improves everything from smoothies to cakes- it's even been used in facemasks! What can't this superfood do?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Jacinta Rodolphe

Absolutely love this product. Taste is good, mixes well with cold or hot water.

Florella Guesford

I like the product. It’s easy to drink. I have noticed a difference in my hair nails and skin. I have also noticed it has worked as a mood enhancer.

Irma Piolli

This is my favorite product ever. It’s delicious hot or cold and such a good way to get some extra protein and nutrition. It’s also the perfect amount of caffeine to give you a little perk without jitters.

Eal Guilloux
Very happy

mix with 1.5 cups of organic unsweetened coconut milk and a splash of liquid stevia 👍🏼

Maisie Mousby
Not Bad

First time user. I love green tea. Matcha requires special taste buds. I have only tried it hot and I like it. If you had sweetener, it tastes a lot better

Frequently Asked Questions

Our matcha is harvested from the hillsides of Uji, Kyoto; the birthplace of matcha!
Yes! Our matcha is grown in Uji, Kyoto. Uji, Kyoto is in the southern regions of japan and is over 350 miles south of the Fukushima Power Plant. Our supplier in Japan has an independent lab that tests the finished product for radiation before it leaves the country.
Deep umami flavors and a balanced sweet profile. It’s hard to put into words quite honestly… other than tasty!
Yes! All of Miaroo's matcha products are USDA Organic Certified and JAS Organic Certified.
A Reserve blend of Ceremonial and Premium Grade Matcha. The best value on ceremonial grade matcha with the sweetness of premium matcha!
1 serving of matcha (~2 grams) has about 70mg of caffeine
Yes, Miaroo's products do not contain any GMO’s
Matcha and Green Tea may come from the same plant, but they are cultivated and harvested in very different ways to amplify the matcha taste and the chlorophyll concentration in Matcha. Not only that, but with matcha, you are ingesting the entire leaf, not just the infusion.

 This is like eating vegetables over vegetable broth. As a result, and because of its harvesting, grinding, and storing methods, drinking 1 cup of matcha = 12 cups of green tea in terms of nutrition.
No, there is absolutely no gluten in our matcha.

No, (well, at least for our Original bag) this is the beauty of a good quality matcha.

The rich umami flavor of our organic matcha is a component of a few things, including the humidity, soil, amount of shade, and time of harvest. Young leaves are picked at first flush, and only the top leaves are used for premium tea. These small leaves are cleaned, stored slightly above freezing, then stone ground into naturally vibrant green powder.

Another component we look at is the grade of the matcha. Our organic green tea leaves are grounded down through traditional stone milling into fine grains, where we can officially refer to it as "matcha".

From there, it is absolutely crucial to store the matcha in cold temperatures and out of the sun's reach.

Our Original bag is 100% pure Japanese matcha - making it vegan. Our flavored bags are also all vegan.

However, Our collagen bags do contain marine collagen and are pescatarian friendly.

There are several sources for collagen. Ours is marine-based. Bovine is derived from cattle cartilage while marine is sourced from fish collagen that would otherwise get thrown away. This makes our collagen pescatarian and sustainable!